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Perfect Kids Grilled Cheese

that's apple juice not beer

With two toddlers my family has just reached a point (in the last two weeks) where we can finally go out to eat. For the past two or three years years we’ve relied on take-out or babysitters because taking the whole family to dinner just wasn’t worth the hassle for a fifteen minute meal.

Since last Sunday was so beautiful we walked to Cafe on Fern for dinner. We had pizza but ordered grilled cheese for both the girls. We’ve never ordered anything other than pizza at Cafe on Fern.  I have to say this was one of the best kid’s grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve seen. It was  grilled panini style with no grease (no greasy hands). The cheese extended to the edge of the bread which was thin enough for small mouths. It was served warm, not hot so there was no waiting for it to cool down.

Cafe on Fern

1623 Fern St Alexandria, VA




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