Tender BBQ at Pork Barrel

After  reading some bad reviews on Yelp I was a little unsure about trying Pork Barrel Barrel. That was until my foodie friends (whose opinions about food I wouldn’t question), mentioned they had ordered several times in the last few weeks and loved it.

So on New Year’s Day my husband picked up some pulled pork, cucumber salad and macaroni and cheese. I was feeling a little “tired” from a the late night before and boy did that mac and cheese hit the spot. The pulled pork with sauce was moist and flavorful, the salad packed a punch and the mac and cheese was creamy and rich with a jalepeno kick.

We’re pretty picky about BBQ in my house but all of us, including the kids liked it. They just opened and are still working out some kinks but the food is good so give them a shot.


Pork Barrel


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